Footwear Styling Tips for a Night Out

It’s a known fact that shoes can break or make an outfit and especially for those important night outs in town. As if deciding on the right heel wasn’t tough enough already, you also have to take into consideration that they are comfortable enough to dance the night away.

No wonder we have a love-hate relationship with heels, they look gorgeous when we don them but we are always left confused if the pain is worth it. It’s the deeply rooted question in the mind of every high heels lover –  “How can I possibly wear my heels minus the torment and pain?” High heels are the indispensable accessories for women, just like moccasins are for men. You cannot possibly step out for a clubbing night without a pair, but is the pain worth it for the sake of looking—and feeling—well dressed?

Turns out, a fabulous pair sky-high heels and pain-free feet aren’t totally unrelated.  Follow these golden styling tips to pick the perfect pair of heels for a night out in town.

  1. Make sure you’re opting for the right size

The main blunder ladies make – not knowing the correct foot size. Your foot measure changes through the years, even as much as one full size, particularly subsequent to having children. Not just for heels, make sure you have your feet measured when you’re purchasing shoes of any kind for that matter.

  1. Know your foot type

A podiatrist would be the most ideal person to go to figure out your foot type. In the event that you can’t head out to the podiatrist, there are a few approaches to check whether you have a level foot or a high-curve foot. Wet your foot and step onto some construction paper (available at stationery stores). The impression will demonstrate if your foot type is flat or a curve. It’s easy to figure out why your foot hurts when you know your foot type.

  1. The thicker the heel, the better

Maintain distance from the slender heel i.e. the stiletto – that is if you can. Designer shoes for women are generally designed around willowy heels, but try maintaining your distance from them, atleast for a night out. They make your foot wobble around, putting you at the risk of tipping. There are times when the dress you pick might require a stiletto, which is fine as long as it’s occasional. In case you’re wearing stilettos for every night out, you might need to consider a heel style, which is chunkier and switch it up a bit.

  1. Keep away from thin soles, choose a platform

Thin bottoms will quite often give you unwanted pain on the foot sole. You need a thicker sole or a tad bit of a platform on the heels, which will balance your weight while walking. Opt for rubbery material at the end of your heel, as it will absorb impact and retain your weight.

Keep an eye out for this space to find more useful tips and know more about your favorite pair of heels.

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