5 Misconceptions about uPVC Windows and Doors

The various advantages of doors and windows made out of uPVC have made it the ideal material to use in houses all around the world. Their qualities which include low maintenance, durable quality and all-weather protection make them superior to metal frames. While this may make you think that uPVC materials are the unanimous choice for any kind of household fitting, that is not the case.

UPVC Doors Windows

A lot of misconceptions about uPVC doors and windows float around in the market which makes them undesirable for people who are looking for a new kind of window frame for their house. Here are a few of them:

Strength and Durability

One of the biggest misconceptions is that the uPVC material is not strong enough to support the structure of your house and might not hold up your window. It can also be credited to the fact that a lot of people do not believe that there might be a stronger material than metal for their window frames. However, uPVC windows and door frames are sturdy and durable materials that are manufactured to withstand even the harshest of climates. uPVC windows have time and again proven their might against competing elements and have also turned out to be more affordable and more efficient.


Another common misconception regarding windows and door frames made out of uPVC is that they lead to more instances of condensation as compared to other materials. Condensation can occur anytime and anywhere and while it does not depend on the material used, it still becomes an aspect for people when they are looking for the ideal frame. The more you seal up your home, the more condensation can occur which is why it is best to allow air flow in your home to avoid any kind of condensation.

Confused for Plastic

A lot of uPVC material sellers and manufacturers say that consumers frequently ask them if they are plastic as it can be both harmful for the environment and also casts doubt whether it would look cheap if installed in the house. uPVC has no plastic component, as the ā€˜uā€™ in the abbreviation stands for unplasticised. They are an effective addition which will look classy while doing its bit to preserve the environment.


With so many great features, consumers look for a con that may supplement its pros. One of the presumed cons is that it is expensive but even in that department, uPVC materials come out on top! It is much more affordable and easy to maintain compared to timber or aluminum, fitting perfectly within the budget of most homeowners.


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