Dressing for Work- Get it Right

It’s Monday again! As you conquer weekend hangovers, shifting focus back to work demands your attention.  Amid tight deadlines, preparing presentations, and attending crucial client meetings, showcasing yourself in appropriate work outfit becomes crucial to make a right impression on people around you (And fetching important career opportunities in some cases).

Cover Story Formal Wear

If you are in the midst of serious dressing dilemmas, Cover Story is here to help you. Here are some style nuggets to walk in with oodles of confidence at your workplace.

Comfort is Key

While you must pick stylish apparels- comfort and fitting are two important pillars you shouldn’t forget either. Sport a classic, semi-casual, or a corporate look, depending upon your mood. Just make sure that everything is articulated with precision. Pick out clean cuts and breathable fabrics. Something as basic as a white button-down shirt paired with ankle-length grey trousers can help you slay the 9 to 5 look if it fits your form well. When wearing a strappy camisole, layer with a light blazer and add depth to your outfit.

Colour Code

Hues of black, gray, and navy never let you down. Your work wardrobe should pivot largely around neutral tones and light -solid hues and supplement with subtle florals and stripes. Pick cooling tones and pastel hues like blush pink and powder blue to fight off mid-week blues. Avoid loud colours and messy prints—work- space calls for clean

Minimal Accessories

Less is more when accessorizing at work. Pick small trinkets—petite earrings, pendants and sleek bracelets. Always remember, the tote bag is your best friend at work. Pick out a structured tote that holds all your essentials. Also look into playful scarves, the kind you pair with a pastel toned shirt.

Snug Shoes

Shoes for women must be two things– comfortable and stylish. You cant go wrong with the right pair of work heels, pick out pumps in hues of nude, black, wine etc. if you want your shoes to be a bit more comfortable, go for fun heels like tan wedges, block heels. On busier days, pick basics—ballet flats, open toed sandals, pointed toe flats etc. If your look du’jour is all monochrome, add a pop of colour through your shoes; shades like pink, vermillion, mustard etc.

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