Know Everything about Liver Transplantation

One of the most vital organs of the human body is Liver. Its main function is to filter the blood that comes from the digestive tract and ensure that it is free from bacteria and toxins to prevent infection. It is also responsible for the production of bile, a chemical that helps the stomach digest and absorbs fats.

Meanwhile, liver transplantation in India is the surgical removal of a diseased liver and replacing it with a healthy one. It is only considered when all signs point to end-stage liver disease, which can be caused by chronic hepatitis, alcohol abuse, genetic liver disease and liver damage from medications or poisoning.

Liver Transplantation in India - Medanta
                                             Liver Transplantation in India – Medanta

As previously mentioned, liver transplantation is only considered when there is no other option to prolong the life of the patient with acute liver failure.

Patients suffering from chronic liver failure may also benefit from liver transplantation. This condition means that the liver has gone through a cyclical process of injury and repair, leading to cirrhosis or scarring, leaving the liver unable to heal or take care of itself.

The procedure, which typically takes up to 12 hours, begins as the patient is prepped for surgery while waiting for the donor liver to arrive. The healthy liver may come from a deceased or live donor. If the donor is deceased, the liver can be dispatched immediately. If the liver is coming from a live donor, another surgery will be performed to “harvest” the healthy liver.

Regardless of the outcome of the procedure, the patient will be placed under close monitoring and will be scheduled for a series of follow-ups.

The immediate complications of a liver transplant are either the rejection of the new liver by the immune system or the loss of function of the new liver. In some cases, the body perceives the new liver as “foreign” and will then attack it in self-defense. To avoid this from happening, all transplant recipients are placed on immunosuppressive therapy for the rest of their lives.

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